1. 20:27 24th Jul 2014

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    But you’re cold and I burn
    I guess I’ll never learn
    'Cause I stay another hour or two

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    Sex (Vinyl) // The 1975

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    The City (Old Version) // Drive Like I Do (The 1975)

    love love love this version

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    The Go - The 1975 (Drive Like I Do) 

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    First, the center plays, followed by the left, then the right, then fading back to the center for the end

    Make sure to wear headphones while listening!

    Listen to more of my stuff here

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    Yeah so far, it’s alright, alright, baby

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    I know it’s me that’s supposed to love you
    And when I’m home you know I got you
    Is there somebody who can watch you?

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    But on this shirt, I found your smell and I just sat there for ages contemplating what to do with myself.

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    The 1975 // Last line of each song on the EPs and The 1975

    inspired by this

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    She said use your fangs in my spare time, come on in the car you’ll have a great time.